Chats around the Pipe Rack

Hello, and warm salutations!

I’ve decided to start a blog on my journey in becoming a pipe smoker and collector. I’ve read blogs on pipe smoking for a few years now, and thought I’d like to throw in my own musings when the time allows.

For some quick info on me, I’m a writer from upper Illinois right by the Wisconsin border. I started smoking a pipe in early 2012 just shy of my twenty-ninth birthday. I’ve admired pipe smoking since I was young, but due to my Christian upbringing, it was enforced in me that pipe smoking was not something I should do.

After growing up and doing some research, I found that many Christians that I admired enjoyed pipes and cigars, and that much of what I had been told was more along the lines of my denomination. After a long talk with my wife and getting her blessing, I ordered my first pipe with some aromatic pipe tobacco and started my journey.

Since then, I’ve added many more pipes and tobacco to my cellar, and enjoy the hobby throughout the week. I’ll often take a few pipes out with me when I write and read, and find there’s nothing quite as peaceful as doing some deep thinking while puffing away on my pipes.

I chose the name BadgerPiper for a few different reasons. Badgers are my favorite animal, mainly thanks to the books I’ve enjoyed reading such as The Wind in the Willows, Narnia, and the Redwall series. Oftentimes in stories like this, a badger here and there will enjoy a pipe while espousing some well thought out advice. I also chose Badger as I’m close to the Wisconsin border, and that of course is the Badger State, so I feel some ties to it in that way.

Other interests I have include the process of story creation and myth making. I am a lover of history, and enjoy thinking up fictional worlds and bringing them to life with historical events and stories of their own. When writing, I’m usually listening to Scottish and Irish music stations on Pandora, but always come back to the heavy music of my youth. My favorite books are the above mentioned ones, in addition to Lord of the Rings and The Dark is Rising series.

My favorite pipe shapes are bent dublins, as they’re perfect for flake tobacco, and when I think of pipes, they’re the first shape that comes to mind. I also like bulldogs, and have a growing appreciation for Canadians. My favorite blends are MacBaren Navy Flake, C&D’s Exhausted Rooster, C&D’s Manhattan Afternoon, and justforhim’s Shortcut to Mushrooms.

I’ll chronicle how I became a pipe smoker, what I’ve learned to this point, and any pipe related topics that pop in my mind. I’ll go ahead and say design isn’t my forte, so it might take awhile to get this blog looking nice, but it’ll get there, so please bear with me. And while you might not learn anything new here, I hope it’s an enjoyable read.

So sit back and join me with a favorite briar and blend and chat about this wonderful hobby we have.


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