The Tradition Continues On

The Tradition Continues On, a long form haiku poem
by TheBadgerPiper

With lit match in hand,
I place it over the bowl,
Gently puffing smoke.

My pipe is alight,
After tamping I recline,
My evening is set.

Just me and my pipe,
My mind wanders to the past,
And of days gone by.

In the wisps I see,
Companions of long ago,
That I’ve never met.

The hourglass slows,
For this ghostly communion,
Of like-minded souls.

Brothers of the pipe,
Briar, clay, corncob, and meer,
All joined together.

The weary sailor,
Battered by the wind and waves,
Puffing at the wheel.

He mutters a prayer,
For clear skies and a calm sea,
To reach a safe port.

The tired soldier,
Clenching his cob for comfort,
At camp far from home.

He writes to his bride,
Letting her know he’s still safe,
And thinking of her.

Also the scholar,
Wrapped in his smoking jacket,
Pipe and book in hand.

He ponders myst’ries,
In his chair by the fireplace,
Into the wee hours.

The late night writer,
Rewriting his manuscript,
For the umpteenth time.

His bleary eyes squint,
Smoke from his pipe in his eyes,
He waits for his muse.

Their images pass,
As I puff and tip my cap,
To those long since gone.

I, too, will join them,
A ghost among the pipe smoke,
One day far from now.

‘Till then I will smoke,
And honor their memory,
With this tradition.

Passing my knowledge,
Of pipe smoking to pipers,
Who heed the pipe’s call.

Though odd we may be,
We’ve found contentment and peace,
Through briar and leaf.


Author’s Note: Over on the ThisPipeLife forums, we have a haiku thread (started by the illustrious pipe master Motie2). In the thread, the users have been taking poems from the public domain poetry book Pipe and Pouch, and reworking them into haikus. It’s been a fun exercise, and anyone who wants to try their hand at it should check it out.

Tonight, I decided to take a stab at doing an original haiku in long form, and see where it took me. This is the result, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

Until next time, happy puffing,


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