An Ode to the Pipe Tool

It’s been a few months since I last tackled a pipe related haiku. So I decided to write one in honor to our constant companion– the pipe tool.


An Ode to the Pipe Tool


Oh blessed pipe tool,

Thy utility unmatched,

The pipe smoker’s friend.


You came from afar,

Born in the land of the Czech,

And purchased online.


You’re three tools in one,

A tamper, a pick, and spoon,

Each serves their purpose.


The tamper is true,

Guiding burnt tobacco down,

Flat into the bowl.


Like a shepherd’s staff,

You stomp the wayward ashes,

Protecting my clothes.


Unyielding pick,

Guard of the straight and narrow,

Setting errors straight.


Plunging in embers,

You stir the ash in the bowl,

Correcting the draw.


When the ash is low,

The spoon will heed the call,

To clear the dottle.


Once the pipe goes cold,

You scrape the bowl clean of ash,

And foul odor.


My humble pipe tool,

Covered in speckled pipe soot,

Your badge of honor.


You stay by my side,

As I puff my evening pipe,

Like a sentinel.


Without your service,

I’d scorch my fingers no doubt,

And holes in my shirt.


Though small in stature,

You prove your worth every smoke,

A friend for pipe men.


Until next time, happy puffing!



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