Pipe Fiction and Poetry

I’m not just a pipe blogger, but I’m also a writer of fiction stories. Occasionally I enjoy stretching my creative muscles and write stories centered around pipes and pipe tobacco. In my opinion, there aren’t enough stories out there on pipe smokers and pipe smoking, so I thought I’d write my own and fill that void.

I’ve also written a few works of pipe poetry. This started from the ThisPipeLife forum thread for haikus. Pipes and poetry pair well together, and there’s even been poetry works devoted completely to pipes and tobacco. I don’t expect any of these to end up being taught in an English class one day, but they’ve been a fun way to continue the tradition.

Here you can find links directly to some of the stories and poetry I’ve written in the past. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

The Stories

Holiday Cheer – My 2018 Christmas Story

Salt and Sulfur – My 2019 Halloween Tale

The Poetry

An Ode to the Pipe Tool– A long form haiku in tribute to every pipe smoker’s faithful companion.

The Tradition Continues On– A long form haiku honoring the pastime of pipe smoking, and the pipe smokers that have gone on before us.

An Ode to My Pipes– A poem about my favorite briars.