Pipe Tobacco Reviews

This is my handy dandy archive of all the pipe tobacco reviews I’ve written over the years. I must admit, I have a hard time writing them, as my palate doesn’t necessarily pick up all the nuances found in a blend, so don’t expect me to write about how a blend tastes like a sun kissed honeycomb sprinkled with the finest of vanilla from 1877. That’s not my style.

However, every pipe smoker has an opinion on the blends they smoke, and enjoy sharing them with others. Admittedly, I tend to review a blend only if I enjoy it. So keep that in mind when reading my tobacco reviews.

I’m also on tobaccoreviews.com. You can find my profile and posted reviews here.

Blends Currently Available

Gawith, Hoggarth &Co’s Ennerdale Flake– A Lakeland Flake

Sutliff’s Eastfarthing– An Aromatic English blend

Gawith, Hoggarth & Co.’s Black Irish X Unsliced– The Rope of Doom

Lost Blends

McClelland Honeydew (22b Baker Street series)– RIP McClelland