Smoke Signals

Here’s where I talk about the culture around pipe smoking. Whether it’s about the pipe community at large, or other important issues, there’s always something interesting to talk about with pipes and tobacco.

An Autumn Lunt– A short look at the joys of enjoying a pipe in autumn.

Diving Headfirst into Fatherhood– The story of the birth of my son, and how it has changed my pipe smoking routine.

Why Smoke A Pipe? – Interested in pipe smoking, but not sure if it’s for you? Read my completely 100% biased opinion on the matter.

So You’ve Started Smoking a Pipe, Now What? – A guide on where to go in the pipe hobby after you’ve started.

Film Review: Father the Flame– My review of the pipe making documentary.

A Virtual Pipe World– An article on staying connected while dealing with the 2020 pandemic.