The Pipe Rack

The pipe rack is an essential item in all pipe smoker’s homes. It’s where we store our favorite pipes when they’re getting a much deserved rest. Whether it’s a briar, a cob, a meerschaum, calabash, or a clay pipe, all have their place on the pipe rack.

On this page, you’ll find articles I’ve written on pipe making, pipe carvers, pipe repair and modding, tributes to specific pipe companies, and pipe collecting. So sit back, light your favorite briar or cob, and read on about the heart of our hobby.

Pipe Making and Pipe Carvers

The Art in the Artisan Pipe Pt 1– An article giving tribute to all artisan pipe makers out there.

The Art in the Artisan Pipe Part II: Nate Rose of RosePipeCo and ‘The Willows Pipe’– An interview with pipe carver Nate Rose of RosePipeCo, as well as a look at the pipe he made for me.

Pipe Repair and Modding

The Case of the Leaky Pipe– My adventures in restoring an old troublesome Jobey Paneled pipe.

The Joys of Pipe Cleaning– A discussion on finding enjoyment in cleaning and maintaining your pipes.

Pipe Companies

It’s Cobbin’ Time!– A discussion on the humble corncob pipe.

Product Review: Walker Briar Works Forever Stems– My review of Walker Briar Works forever corncob pipe stems.

Pipe Collecting

The PAD and TAD Zone– An article devoted to the feverish madness of pipe and tobacco collecting.

The Great Treasure Hunt– An article talking about searching for pipe related items in antique stores.