The Sarge’s Corner

Occasionally, I’ll receive correspondence in the mail from Sergeant Fergus MacBadger the Third, a badger serving in the Woodlander Armed Forces up in Alaska. The Sarge is a pretty opinionated badger, and isn’t afraid to tell it as he sees it.

As a favor to the stubborn brock, I give him a platform to share his thoughts on pipe smoking and the pipe community. It might not be the wisest decision on my part, but he means well. Definitely take his entries with a hefty pawful of salt.

The Sarge’s Entries

The 100% Factual Guide to Pipe Smoking– The Sarge gives you his personal opinion on how to get started in the pipe hobby.

Sergeant MacBadger’s Official Christmas 2019 Buying Guide for Pipe Smokers– The Sarge gives his suggestions for what pipe smokers should be asking for Christmas.

More coming soon.