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Greetings, and welcome to my pipe blog!

I’m a pipe smoking writer from Northeastern Illinois. I enjoy smoking my pipe while reading and writing adventure stories. I also happen to enjoy reading the thoughts of other pipe smokers about this hobby of ours. So I decided to join in and share my thoughts on pipe smoking, pipe related stories, as well as the occasional pipe tobacco review. You can follow along on the main page for the latest updates, or click one of the pages in the toolbar for specific stories.

First, a little more about my preferences in pipes and tobacco.

Everyone has their own preferred style of pipe shapes. For me, I’m a fan of straight or quarter bent pipes, as they’re a bit easier to pass a pipe cleaner through. That doesn’t mean I don’t like a half or full bent pipe, but as the years pass, I find myself gravitating to pipes that are easier to clean. My favorite shapes include: Canadians, Lovats, quarter bent Dublins, and Bulldogs. 

For pipe brands, I’ll always be a Peterson guy, and I have many that make up the majority of my collection. However, I’ve become a huge fan of Savinelli and their design aesthetic. Stanwell also makes some pretty great pipes on a budget, though I wish their shapes were a bit longer.

Now, what’s a pipe without pipe tobacco? I started out smoking aromatics, and then moved onto English blends, then VaPers, and now onto Burley dominated blends. Like food, pipe smokers will change their tastes as the years pass. I still enjoy all types of pipe tobacco, and I encourage all pipe smokers to try a variety of blends to find the right ones for them.

My top five favorite blends include: C&D’s Old Joe Krantz, C&D’s Black Frigate, MacBaren’s Navy Flake, C&D’s Exhausted Rooster, and G&H’s Ennerdale Flake.

If you’re interested in hearing about how I first got into pipe smoking, I wrote a four part series detailing my journey- from my initial interest and conflict with my upbringing, all the way to the first time I smoked a pipe. Feel free to click the links below and read along.

My Pipe Journey Pt. 1– How an anti-smoker stumbled into pipes

My Pipe Journey Pt.2– Choosing my first pipe

My Pipe Journey Pt.3– Picking Pipe Tobacco

My Pipe Journey Pt.4- My first pipe smoking experience

All pipe smokers have a tale to tell on how they first got into the hobby. Personally, I love reading these stories, and I hope you enjoy reading my story.

So stay awhile, pack your favorite pipe and tobacco, and enjoy your stay! And if you enjoy what you’re reading, feel free to leave a comment. I always try to reply to everyone that is kind enough to give me feedback. 

Pleasant puffing, from your friend,




13 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hey Londy, thanks for the kind words! I try not to overdo it with promoting the blog, so I’m glad you found it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the future entries I have planned. See you around the TPL forums.


  1. Hey Badger I have been enjoying your Instagram posts for a while now and I am pleased to come across your blog. I am toking on Joya de Nicaragua cigar as the selection of available pipe tobacco in my country of New Zealand is pretty limited. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Justin, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying it, and that you’re all the way from New Zealand! That’s a bummer about your selection of pipe tobacco, do they at least have any good blends? Thanks again for not only reading, but commenting, and have a great day! -TBP


  2. Great job Badger. I enjoy your writing style. I always wanted to really get into writing but never had the time. Now I have the time but not the interest I once had. I have had a couple of what I would refer to as “essays” published. The best I can do these days is writing tobacco reviews.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and the kind words. It is hard finding time to write during a busy day, which is why I tend to fit it in with my pipe time. One of the reasons I started my pipe blog was to stay sharp in my writing capabilities, while contributing to the hobby. Don’t discount tobacco reviews. I’m not skilled at them, but they’re important to the hobby. Hope you have a great evening!


      • Thank you Badger, I like your style very much. Some time ago I submitted several “essays” to the head dude at the sponsor of TPL who requested same in order to set up a “writings ” tab on the site. I have heard or seen nothing as of now. Funny thing how I always disliked writing in schools, but in my later years I have come to enjoy it. In my professional life I wrote many, many reports correspondence, and technical missives. That apparently lead me to write from the “Heart”. So keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your bog.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Paul, I try to “write from the heart” when I make my blogs. I felt the same way about writing in school. I remember being intimidated about writing a six page term paper my freshman year in college. Now, most of my blogs end up close to that page count. It’s all a matter of writing about what you love. And I wouldn’t worry too much about not hearing from TPL. I’ve found that the site takes its time, so I’m sure you’ll hear from them eventually. I look forward to reading your contributions.


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